Monday, November 29, 2010

Ready, Set, Run!

A couple of months I took up running as part of a community fitness challenge that was held at a different local park every Saturday morning for 6 weeks. The first session was a 1-mile run or walk then each week another half-mile was added to the distance. The target of all this effort was a 3.7-mile run on November 20.

Although I have shied away from running in the past I decided to give it a go this time and surprised myself at both how much I could do and how much I enjoyed it. I did the 3.7-mile race in 46:19 which is by no means a fast time (12.5 minutes per mile, for those of you playing at home) but it is a starting point and a target to beat the next time around. Now that I've started running I want to keep going.

The fitness challenge has finished but I'm going to keep training and keep working on my fitness. I'm doing a 5k run on December 4 and another in mid-January.

Yesterday I tried a fitness "boot camp" for the first time. A friend of mine has been going to these sessions and encouraged me to try it, but when I went along she never showed up... did she set me up? Anyway it was a really good workout and although I felt good yesterday, today I feel very "saddle sore" (lots of squats and other glute exercises are taking their toll).

I'm very glad to be finally getting active, working out regularly and feeling good about what I am doing to build and maintain my fitness.