Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Australia Revisited (aka G'day from WA) - Part 1 in an Occasional Series

We're back in WA at the mo for our first Australian visit since relocating to Arizona in April 2007. It has been terrific to be back here and to be able to turn off the alarm clock for a few weeks while we just relax.

We spent the first 5 days of our visit (including the Easter long weekend) in Sydney as we waited in nervous anticipation for our US visa renewal interview. Lucky for us the visa was renewed and we will be returning to Arizona next month as planned. It is a huge weight off our minds.

Here in Perth we have been having a great time catching up with friends and family whom we haven't seen in at least 2 years. It is just over 3 years since I was last here and I'm really happy to be back, even if it's just for a short while. I've been stocking up on Australian souvenirs, snacks and groceries to take back to the US. It's amazing what you miss when you're away.