Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monster Jamming with the Digger - Spot the Closet Rev-Head

In late January I crossed another "must-do" American experience off my wish-list: taking in the live spectacle that is Monster Jam. I think that my excitement even eclipsed N's, and he is a die-hard fan of monster trucks. I happily waited in line for over an hour to see the Digger up close and get Pablo Huffaker's autograph - it was totally worth it. This picture has pride of place on the wall in my office at work.
It was a long day and by the time the show started at 7.30pm, we'd been there nearly 4 hours (using our pit passes and working our way through the throng to check out all the trucks) and N was starting to get bored. The racing started with kids racing ATV's, a stunt driver then the monster trucks' preliminary round, then N started asking if we could go back to the hotel, but I wasn't going to miss FREESTYLE!!! It did not disappoint. There were crashes, stacks, roll-overs, broken axles and all the action a truck fan could ask for. A bonus: N was given a T-shirt that had been shot into the crowd by T-shirt cannon! Size XL, it will fit him in about 20 years. The only really bad part of the evening was when Grave Digger didn't win the competition, and the driver of the winning truck (Bounty Hunter - he put on an excellent performance, a really great driver) came up to collect his trophy - the crowd very loudly booed him. They were only there for one truck. Needless to say I had a fantastic time (yes, P and N did too) and I only wish there was a way that we could make it to Vegas for the World Champs at the end of March... I'll have to keep working on that one!

Amusing Questions We Have Been Asked - Part 7 in an Occasional Series

"What language do you speak in Australia?"

("What language do you think I am speaking now?")

"I don't know... Australian?"